Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Nepal Triple Crown 2016 Team

Triple Crown Team 2016' - Kathmandu - Nepal

Here is our team minus one who arrived later from India, and also minus our Sherpa staff that they'll join with in the Khumbu tomorrow.  This years team consists of professional athletes, beginner/novice climbers and the rest come with impressive climbing bios.  Members are from Canada, Australia, USA, UK and India, and most are close to the same age. 

Kathmandu is quiet. Tim met with a couple longtime Nepalese expedition agents the past couple of days and learned that tourist visits are definitely down which contradicts what local news has been reporting. Agents are however still keeping busy with administration due to more individual bookings compared to the groups they used to get. 

The past day or two the team has been busy purchasing required equipment, going out for meals together, bonding, and doing reviews of emergency equipment like the Gammow Bag (hyperbaric chamber). 

Tomorrow the team is up at 5:00am and off to Lukla if weather permits. Ive been watching high winds in my weather reports that has the potential to thwart tomorrows flights. We'll keep followers updated on the situation here on this blog.

Becky Rippel

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