Friday, October 21, 2016

The World is Getting Too Small

Kala Pattar with Mount Pumori in the background 
Everest Base Camp 
PF 2016 Triple Crown team has completed the rigours of acclimatization. The team has requested a rest day today while Tim is going to head to our Island Peak base camp.  He's going on a walkabout to scout out some ice for the team to play on.

Yesterday the team enjoyed great weather atop Kala Pattar (5346m), the south ridge shoulder of Mount Pumori near Everest. It is a non-technical trail to the top. No exposure, no crevasse, no avalanche risks and the most dynamic photo-op location of Mount Everest.

As soon as they got down they went directly to Everest Base Camp and managed to get their photo there. Tim tells me that there was a line-up going up Kala Pattar,  and at least 200 people in line at Everest base camp waiting to get their photo by the base camp marker. It's nice to see that tourists are coming back, but... the traveller world seems to be bursting at the seams and it sure changes the magic that used to be here. Line-ups at places like Lake Louise in the Canadian rockies are example at home. The world seems to be getting too small.

Tim is looking forward to getting off the busy trail and getting comfortable at our base camp and enjoying some quiet time with the team.

That's all for now!  Anything exciting I'll bring it here.


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